Rebellious and broke, Sophia stumbles into creating an online business and learns how to be the boss. A comedy inspired by the best-selling memoir.

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Things are looking dire when 20-something Sophia loses her job và gets an eviction notice -- until a thrift store find gives her an idea.


Sophia combs an estate sale for vintage clothes but gets sidelined by a mysterious bikini-area injury & goes lớn the miễn phí clinic.


Sophia still needs a name for her eBay store, so she drags Shane around the city hoping inspiration will strike. But it's not a date.

When an angry bride-to-be sends back a "discolored" dress, Sophia scrambles khổng lồ fix it in time for the wedding so her seller rating won't get ruined.

Sophia reflects on her friendship with Annie, including an ill-fated trip to lớn Coachella, after they have a fight about her Myspace page.

Shane and Sophia sleep together -- carefully -- before he goes on tour. When Sophia gets health insurance, she ponders quitting her new job.

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Nasty Gal is getting serious buzz, but not everyone's a tín đồ ... Including the online rival who shows up unannounced at Sophia's apartment.

Sophia, Annie và Dax take a road trip to lớn LA khổng lồ see Shane. Annie và Dax have a mind-bending experience after a night out.

Sophia needs to lớn ask her dad for help, so Dax draws up a business plan khổng lồ impress him, & Sophia brings Shane along as a buffer.

At Christmastime, a down-and-out Sophia yells at carolers, confronts a nemesis và reconnects with an important face from her past.

Sophia hires an Ivy League grad lớn build a new Nasty Gal website. When Shane's band records a demo, his relationship with Sophia hits a snag.

Sophia's old friends show up at the Nasty Gal launch buổi tiệc ngọt to celebrate. But she struggles to stay focused in the face of a betrayal.

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