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The penultimate episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure brings us the climax of the battle between Giorno & Diavolo. However, the series doesn’t over here, as we meet a strange Stand which at first glance looks like nothing more than a simple boulder.

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Original Japanese tile: ゴールド・E(エクスペリエンス)・レクイエム


The cold mở cửa was great, starting with a flashback & then returning lớn where we left off last episode. The flashback then restarts after the commercial break, continuing with the same conversation we saw in the cold open. It’s a very interesting use of episode composition & certainly makes us feel as if we are really reaching the kết thúc of the series.

I very much enjoyed the fact that one of Diavolo’s deaths was being killed by a drug addict likely high on drugs supplied by Passione.

It was quite emotional to see the sacrificed members up in heaven. Giorno will make sure that their deaths had meaning, và he will use what he learned from them khổng lồ become a better leader.

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We get khổng lồ see Fugo again! This is a highlight for me, as I really came khổng lồ love him over the course of the anime adaptation.

Bucciarati is a good man. He gives the florist the choice to back out before getting involved in the mafia. This small scene pretty much sums up Bucciarati’s morals when it comes khổng lồ the innocents.


Not only does the opening reflect the ability of Gold Experience Requiem, but Giorno’s pose is a direct reference to lớn the photograph of DIO he carries in his wallet.

‘Do you pay your taxes?’

For many viewers, the Giorno vs Diavolo battle may seem a little… anticlimactic. However, that’s something that I personally really liked about the composition of this series. The focus of this series isn’t about powering up & beating up the bad man. If you were expecting the final two episodes to be a huge awesome fight between Diavolo và Giorno, then you will be sadly disappointed as this is no simple rehash of previous JoJo parts. The pacing here was very well-done, from the uncomfortable look at Diavolo’s fate to lớn the building of tension within the flashback. If you are part of the faction that is disappointed at the lack of fighting between the ‘bad guy’ and the ‘good guy’, then I can’t urge you enough to just sit back & think a little about what this series is trying khổng lồ say. Otherwise, just rewatch Stardust Crusaders (which you should vì chưng anyway because it’s awesome).

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