A đứng top Israeli agent comes out of retirement lớn hunt for a Palestinian fighter he thought he'd killed, setting a chaotic chain of events into motion.

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A vị trí cao nhất Israeli agent comes out of retirement to hunt for a Palestinian fighter he thought he'd killed, setting a chaotic chain of events into motion.

Discovering that Abu Ahmad will attend his brother's wedding, Doron joins his old team for a covert strike, but the plan quickly goes off the rails.

Having tasted kích hoạt again, Doron pleads with Moreno to rejoin the squad. Meanwhile, Amal determines to martyr herself khổng lồ avenge her husband.

Abu Ahmad leans on Walid to lớn organize an immediate retaliatory attack, & Doron & Nurit go undercover to close in on their quarry.

Doron sets his sights on recruiting Shirin khổng lồ his cause, Abu Ahmad risks his life to lớn see his wife, and Moreno sends the team on a daring daytime raid.

A senior Israeli officer tries lớn smoke Abu Ahmad out of hiding. Ali fights suspicions of duplicity, & Boaz joins the squad on a risky ambush.

Blamed for the disastrous ambush, Doron takes matters into his own hands & asks the team lớn join him on a mission khổng lồ set things right.

While Moreno tries to lớn track down the rogue team, Doron sinks his hooks deeper into Shirin & takes drastic measures to make a prisoner exchange.

In the wake of the prisoner exchange, Doron disappears, Walid confronts Abu Ahmad about his tactics, và Moreno's quái vật threatens to dissolve the team.

While suspicion grows between Abu Ahmad và his inner circle, Doron poses as a would-be suicide bomber lớn get perilously close to lớn his target.

Doron gets a surprise visitor while waiting khổng lồ learn his fate. Abu Ahmad lays out his master plan that could change the region's balance of power.

Doron's bosses give him the go-ahead lớn carry out his plan, but he discovers the toll his family has paid for his obsession with Abu Ahmad.

While the team scrambles to give Doron backup on his mission into the lion's den, Walid makes a decision that could change everything.

Doron teams up with his former undercover unit when an old enemy who has targeted him for revenge also launches a more ambitious covert plan.

Doron joins his old team for an operation to lớn take out the mastermind behind a bombing attack -- và who also wants revenge against Doron himself.

Tensions rise on both sides as Doron's team intensifies its hunt and Abu Samara hands Al Makdasi an ultimatum. Shirin faces tough questions.

Rebuked by Walid, Al Makdasi doubles down on his renegade plan lớn exact revenge. Doron goes rogue during an operation to lớn offer Shirin a way out.

Nidal's plan takes an unexpected lethal turn and backs him into a corner. Shirin reaches out to Doron, putting them both at risk.

Doron scrambles to protect his family when Nidal gets too close. Shirin puts a dangerous plan in motion. Walid learns some distressing news.

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Sensing a chance to lớn strike, Nidal regroups and leads a nighttime raid. While Walid faces interrogation, Doron takes Shirin under his wing.

Nidal defends his new allegiance to lớn Samir. Captain Ayub blackmails Abu Samara into helping him lay a trap. Sagi's nerves jeopardize a mission.

After discovering Nidal's true loyalties, Abu Maher joins in the effort khổng lồ track him down. Captain Ayub và Naor escalate their plan lớn break Walid.

With Doron grieving a loss, Shirin faces tough questions & the team carries out a rogue operation khổng lồ get answers. Nidal sends Maher on a mission.

Worried that Doron is sinking into despair, the team rallies lớn galvanize him to lớn action. Samir confronts Nidal. Abu Maher makes a discovery.

An operation lớn bring down Nidal backs the team into a lethal corner. Abu Maher makes a heartrending decision, and Captain Ayub learns critical intel.

Doron faces a fresh threat as the scope of Nidal's unfolding plan becomes clear, while the team & Abu Samara move lớn intervene before time runs out.

Doron ensnares a determined young boxer when a months-long covert mission puts the team on the trail of a Hamas leader high on Shin Bet's wanted list.

Doron goes undercover in a risky, months-long operation, but his mission takes a sharp turn when surprise hãng intel points lớn an imminent attack.

The search for Fauzi intensifies in the wake of the attack. Doron goes back undercover but faces heightened suspicion & scrutiny.

Abu Mohammed gives Jihad a menacing ultimatum. A raid turns unexpectedly lethal. Doron pushes to extract Bashar to safety as the walls close in.

Jihad and Nasser act when an impulsive decision sends Bashar deeper into jeopardy. Avihai faces tough questions about the raid. Hila opens up to Doron.

With Doron và his team close on their heels, an increasingly desperate Bashar & Jihad follow an audacious plan khổng lồ elude capture.

As the search for the hostages intensifies, Hila turns khổng lồ an old asset, & Doron's squad prepares for one of its riskiest covert operations yet.

A hostage takes matters into his own hands, making the team's stealth mission even more urgent. Bashar learns the distressing truth about his situation.

Saddled with a new responsibility, Jihad sees a chance lớn change his family's circumstances. Abu Mohammed faces fallout from the hostage debacle.

Hila pushes the envelope after the team's operation goes sideways, forcing Eli into a fraught decision. Doron faces a dire choice of his own.

Rejoined by an old ally, the team leans on Abu Mohammed while preparing for an all-out assault. Bashar discovers a deception và makes a desperate move.

Hardened, Bashar resolves to lớn use Doron's own strategy against him. The team mourns a loss. Doron confronts Hila over her heat-of-the-moment decision.

Eli sends the team back into the field with a new member, while Bashar's plan for a knockout punch races toward a jolting end.

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