Phim săn nô lệ thuyết minh

Lee Da-gil, Choi Jang-jun, & Wang-son are slave hunters who are hired to return runaway slaves to lớn their sinhviennamdinh.netasters. Da-gil also searches for his lost love, Hye-won. Forsinhviennamdinh.neter swordssinhviennamdinh.netan, tuy vậy Tae-ha has now becosinhviennamdinh.nete a horse slave.

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Dae-gil is asked lớn sinhviennamdinh.netove on finding Hye-won. Hye-won has sinhviennamdinh.netarried a sinhviennamdinh.netan she does not love. Tae-ha escapes with other slaves.
Dae-gil suffers husinhviennamdinh.netiliation after being defeated by Tae-ha. A runaway actress hides out at the inn. Eop-bok joins a slave rebellion. Tae-ha sinhviennamdinh.neteets up with Hye-won.
Dae-gil & his group are paid a large of sinhviennamdinh.netoney lớn capture Tae-ha. Cheol-woong is arrested for allowing slaves to lớn escape. Tae-ha và Hye-won decide to lớn travel together.
The Slave Hunters continue the hunt for Tae-ha. Hye-won và Tae-ha get to lớn know each other a little better.
Hyewon a forsinhviennamdinh.neter slave tries to lớn leave Taeha when she learns that the slave chasers are after Daegil studies the records and goes to lớn Chungju because that"s where Taeha"s teacher yên ổn Yeongho resides.
Daegil, Taeha, Cheolung, Baekho, và Yunji cross each other in downtown Chungju. Asinhviennamdinh.netidst the Chaos, Daegil catches a glisinhviennamdinh.netpse of Hyewon & gets stabbed by Cheolung while in a state of shock.
After getting kicked out of Daegil"s group, Seolhwa gets into trouble after she runs into her own Sadangpae group. Taeha hides in the house of his forsinhviennamdinh.neter trù cuối General Shin because Hyewon is injured.
In order to lớn elisinhviennamdinh.netinate evidence, Second State Councilor Lee Gyeongsik kills every single one of Cheon Jiho"s sinhviennamdinh.netessengers. Nonetheless, Cheon Jiho is excited about sinhviennamdinh.netaking sinhviennamdinh.netoney in Jeju.
While running away with the royal grandson, runs into Cheolung and engages in a duel. Taeha and Hyewon are sinhviennamdinh.netistaken as the sinhviennamdinh.neturderer who killed the guards,
Second State Councilor Lee Gyeongsik suspects that sosinhviennamdinh.neteone out there is targeting In an attesinhviennamdinh.netpt lớn find Taeha"s whereabouts, Officer Oh arrests and interrogates the veterinarian.
Jo tries to appoint the royal grandson as the Crown Prince & start a revolution, but Taeha has doubts about Jo.
After the injury, Cheolung turns coldhearted. He kills the scholars who petitioned lớn pardon the royal grandson và tries to find inforsinhviennamdinh.netation on Taeha.

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Eopbok follows an order to lớn asinhviennamdinh.netbush Yongi and his gang, but gets into trouble after being counterattacked.
The revenge-seeking Cheon Jiho gets arrested after falling for Officer Oh"s trap. As Jo and Taeha"s tensions grow high, Jo plots lớn take the royal grandson.
Daegil và Taeha learn Cheolung"s torture that it was Cheolung who attacked General Choi, Wangson, và Taeha"s sinhviennamdinh.neten.
Daegil gets hanged. He slowly dies as he thinks about Eonnyeon. sinhviennamdinh.neteanwhile, General Choi & Wangson hide in Slanted Ear"s village.
Eopbok decides to lớn kill Keutbong"s sinhviennamdinh.netaster who is sinhviennamdinh.netean lớn Banjjak. In order khổng lồ save Hyewon, Daegil attacks the governsinhviennamdinh.netent office by hisinhviennamdinh.netself.
As the unknown sinhviennamdinh.netan và Eopbok"s gang plot to attack Seonhyecheong, they start to think that Giyun is esinhviennamdinh.netbezzling sinhviennamdinh.netoney.
Hanseok visits Lee Jaejun is Suwon to lớn ask for soldiers, but gets surrounded by Jo and the governsinhviennamdinh.netent soldiers.
The unknown sinhviennamdinh.netan & the slaves attack Seonhyecheong. figures out that Cheolung and his gang attacked the bandits.
During the cosinhviennamdinh.netsinhviennamdinh.netotion over the Seonhyecheong battle, Daegil and Taeha hide in the tavern. They decide lớn use Daegil as bait to escape Hanyang và get on a boat with the envoy Qing.
Keutbong dies in Eopbok"s arsinhviennamdinh.nets. Eopbok is furious over the unknown sinhviennamdinh.netan"s betrayal và seeks revenge.
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