Is super saiyan god 2 possible?

dragon Ball Has A Super Saiyan God Problem Modern rồng Ball has introduced two new Super Saiyan forms lớn the franchise, one red và one blue. But the balance between the two is problematic.

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Goku Super Saiyan God blue in dragon Ball Super
Dragon Ball"s two new Super Saiyan forms have created a problem for the franchise moving forward. Back in the glory days of Dragon Ball, transformations were series highlights; dramatic moments that paid off long-term story arcs và are remembered for years khổng lồ come. Goku first triggering his Super Saiyan form, Gohan surpassing his father while fighting Cell & the drastically different Super Saiyan 3 are all standout scenes in the anime world. Part of the reason these transformations have endured so well in the memory is because they were all given enough space to have the desired impact. The gaps between the main 3 Super Saiyan forms in Dragon Ball Z were long enough so that each debut appearance felt special.

The new Dragon Ball era has introduced 2 brand new Saiyan modes. The first arrived in 2013"s Battle of Gods, and gave Goku a new red-haired khung that was achieved via cooperation with his fellow Saiyans, putting him on a more even màn chơi with Beerus, the universe"s God of Destruction. The new look was striking and the epic transformation reminded fans of what they had missed about the Dragon Ball world, while simultaneously making the step-up in power between Super Saiyan 3 và the new Super Saiyan God abundantly clear.

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The problems began with sequel movie, Resurrection F, which abandoned the red Super Saiyan God khung for a brand new blue-haired upgrade. Not only did this new change come so soon after the previous one (in narrative terms, at least), but it removed the spotlight from the original Super Saiyan God after only a single showing. Unlike the classic series, this took away from the drama & grandeur of Saiyan transformations, making them feel commonplace rather than like special events. Even worse, Goku & Vegeta"s first time transforming into their blue forms occurred off-screen. This raised many questions as to lớn how Super Saiyan xanh was achieved and what its relation was khổng lồ the standard red mode, causing confusion among fans that still hasn"t fully been cleared up. Dragon Ball relied on lengthy exposition khổng lồ explain Goku and Vegeta"s blue new look, when showing viewers would"ve been both more useful and more entertaining.

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Goku và Vegeta in dragon Ball Super Broly
Having such a close gap between Super Saiyan God & Super Saiyan blue also meant that there was no discernible gap in power nguồn between the two, especially compared lớn the older levels. Fans hadn"t seen enough of the red form to figure out its placement on Goku"s overall scale of transformations & Dragon Ball itself couldn"t seem to quite decide either. At first, Super Saiyan blue was presented as the higher version of Super Saiyan God, similar khổng lồ how the original Super Saiyan mode upgraded Goku"s regular state. More recently, however, the series has retconned this explanation, now claiming that Super Saiyan God can be faster but the xanh form is stronger in shorter bursts, further muddling the situation.

As things stand, Goku & Vegeta both possess two Super Saiyan God transformations that they seem lớn use in conjunction with each other - xanh the optimum and Red dragged out in specific situations. While a somewhat cumbersome solution, this balance is preferable khổng lồ giving the original Super Saiyan God an off-screen burial with little in the way of explanation. The real answer, however, would"ve been to resist rushing into a new transformation in Resurrection F & stick with the red size for a while longer, showing Vegeta"s initial multi-Saiyan hand-holding transition và then building up both he và Goku to their new xanh forms over a longer period.

Perhaps the lure of a new range of blue-topped merchandise and action figures was too much to resist, or maybe the studio figured another Super Saiyan transformation was the best way khổng lồ create buzz for their new release. In either case, rocketing through the hair colors hasn"t helped Dragon Ball in the long run.

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