The Flash Season 3 Episode 23 Review: Finish Line


Savitar and Killer Frost travel khổng lồ an mở cửa field where he opens a time portal. He tells Frost lớn kill the black Flash when he comes out after Savitar. She does saying, “See ya around, Hunter,” after đen Flash freezes and breaks into pieces. Savitar has Frost shoot him with the tốc độ force bazooka while standing in front of the time portal. It doesn’t work & instead it frees Jay Garrick from his prison in the speed force.

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Team Flash arrive lớn confront Savitar. Cisco taunts the evil speedster, telling him there was no way he would make something to help him. Instead, he made a skeleton key which just freed Garrick.

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The battle’s on with Barry, Wally, and Jay chasing Savitar with some extremely impressive CGI effects and Killer Frost fighting Vibe and Gypsy. Savitar manages khổng lồ wound Wally và Jay và knocks the wind out of Barry. Cisco gets the upperhand & knocks Frost khổng lồ the ground in their fight. He walks up khổng lồ her and puts out his hand lớn give her a deadly vibe hit. She looks up at him and tells him to go ahead and go bad. “Never,” he replies và tosses her the cure that Julian và her mother came up. Cisco tells her he’s giving her a choice to lớn be Caitlin again. As he walks away, Savitar races up knocking Gypsy khổng lồ the ground & grabbing Cisco, declaring he’s going khổng lồ pay for what he’s done.

Frost looks at Cisco, helpless in Savitar’s grasp, và her xanh crystal eyes turn back to lớn brown. Savitar raises up his arm lớn kill Cisco when he gets hit with a strong cold blast & slammed into a tree. Caitlin saved Cisco! She walks over và gives him a hand getting up. Savitar approaches Cisco and Caitlin telling her he knew she didn’t have it in her. Barry speeds over & is about khổng lồ hit Savitar but gets pinned down by him. Savitar warns Barry if he’s going khổng lồ die, he’ll kill everyone Barry loves before he goes. Enraged, Barry vibrates his way into Savitar’s suit and forces evil Barry out of it.

Barry and evil Barry fight with Barry in the Savitar suit knocking evil Barry khổng lồ the ground. Barry pulls out the blade in Savitar’s suit lớn kill evil Barry, and Caitlin và Cisco look on concerned their friend is about to lớn become a killer. “Do it! You kill me, you become me. Either way I live,” says evil Barry. Barry retracts the blade and vibrates, destroying the suit from the inside and making both Caitlin & Cisco smile. Barry delivers a knock-out punch khổng lồ his evil time remnant after telling him, “I will never let the pain and the darkness determine who I am. I will never be you.”

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